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Nate - Host/Actor/Model/Recording Artist

Nate is the host of The Nate N-9 Show on  Join Nate for new music, Artists he is "Raising The Bar"

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The Nate N-9 Show

Music listeners will find out what most people already know, unlike his counterparts Nate favors a much less traveled road, taking his listeners to another level of music appreciation.

While still performing and recording music, Nate is making it possible for other "Independent Artist" to have an outlet for their music to be heard, by helping to be the voice of the independent. "Going into internet radio was something I never thought I'd do, but creating your own way is what I'm about. I want to be able to help others who are just like me to have a chance to be heard."

Born Nathaniel Grant Jr, in Los Angeles, California (the show biz capital of the world) Nate (singer, actor, model, radio host) started honing in on what really peaked his interest... the music.

Singing and performing with countless groups for producers and A&R reps and getting nowhere Nate eventually left California and moved to Texas. Being stuck in group mode Nate continued as usual by putting together another group for a record deal with a label out of Washington D.C., the deal fizzled and the group fell apart. Nate realized he could put in the same effort and energy that was being  used for the group effort into himself. Shortly after the break up of the last group Nate was introduced to two producers Chris and Peter Wiggins from the Virgin Islands. These two exceptional producers recognized the potential in Nate for something great.

"When I was asked to host a show, I initially thought what most people would think, it is an ambitious project, you have all kinds of concerns, about format, content and even perspective. I don’t know if you are like me but, in all the years I listened to the radio, I never even stop to think what makes a show good, or even great. Is it the music played? Is it the host? Is it the team working on the show? Is it access to talent and guests? I guess we could say it takes all of those elements. That is what makes this opportunity so powerful. I am so grateful for the ground work that was there.  We have access to some great music. We have a dedicated team, who have a heart to expose new talent, and to give an open door to the artist that may not have had the chance otherwise. I am getting my focus on having a good show, and hopefully becoming a great host."
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