Meet the Co-Host of the Nate N-9 Show!

You have got to love it!  Join Nate and his long time friends Nieisha & Niekka for the Nate N-9 Show.  Music...Talk...Laughter and more!

Nieisha Baker

Nieisha  Baker is "Hot and Sweet Baby!" and packing plenty of power.  Born in Los Angeles, California, Nieisha is definitely not classified as your average "girl next door".  With a wide range of talent, she is an exceptional commodity for the For.ay Entertainment family, and the Nate N-9 Show.

Soon after graduating from high school, Nieisha entered the Navy where she served her country from 1992 to 1996.  From the Navy she served in the US Reserves from 1997 to 1998.  She continued her service to her country by working at the VA Medical Center in West Los Angeles and when she moved to Atlanta, Ga, she continued her service working at the VA Hospital and helping veterans who served in the most recent wars. Proudly Nieisha is a mother of a Airman in the US Navy.

"I'm not really a singer per say, but I have a love for music, and a desire to help others make their dream come true any way I can.  Giving back to the community or giving to people is what I am about."  Nieisha dives in with determination and integrity with everything she touches.  She is an organizer extraordinaire with a hobby of planning events or parties.

With a wide music background ranging from "Blondie to the blues" Nieisha appreciates good music.  "Being able to share my love of music fills my heart and being able to talk to people about issues and things that matter, while making people laugh is a wonderful feeling for me."

Niekka McDonald

"Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California I have always had my ear tuned to the radio and tried to stay in the know of most entertainment news.  Being an avid music lover and a follower of 'Hip Hop" my love for different forms of creative expression grew.  My mother and father surrounded by sister and I with music, all kinds of music, teaching us that music regardless to the genre is a form of expression and everybody expresses themselves differently and everybody wants and needs to be heard. I grew up loving it all.

I have been a Blogger for quite a few years and over the years I have written for others and still write my own blog "Mommy With A Plan".  I started blogging to help myself and others like me (a single mother of two and a career woman) find a voice.  I found that not only was I helping, but I was being helped by others who share the same story.

When I was aksed to do an internet radio show, I was very excited to be a part of something that is in the save vein of what I have been doing for some years now.  Having a platform to speak to people, as well as, share the music I love was right yp my alley, so I jumped to make this part of my journey a reality.  I am still a work in progress with amny things I want to aspire to as well as conquer, so with that... let the work begin!"

"Learn to get in-touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has a purpose."--Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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